When shooting in the Fashion Stage area at the Southern Womens Show I had the distinct pleasure to see the wonderful models from Phil's Shoes.

I just learned that these women are from a modelning group named Dangerous Curves - more info on them when I get it.

This was the first time that I (a male) have heard of the store - Their website insists that if I were a female and needed shoes, handbags or hats I would know about them. I believe it!

Anyway I was very happy to be shooting and was able to capture images of the hats worn by these confident, mature women - as they so gracefully strutted their stuff!

The colors, designs and the showiness of the hats was great - If I had been closer to the stage I would have been able to get more focus on the shoes but maybe next time...

Please enjoy - here is a link to their site although it has a link to their FB page. I am going to have to go visit them sometime.

Wonder what they have in a size 9 super wide shoe with a low heel in aligator?

Looking forward to it!
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