About "Divine Beauty Model Management Agency "
At our establishment we cater to both young men and women who are interested in modeling/expressing themselves through this art form.

Here at "Divine Beauty Model Management Agency " we provide training and fitness to ensure that our models maintain a certain standard, thus making it easier for them to find work in the industry and more avenues to success as small as it may be.

We still cater to you even if said client is just interested in building their self esteem and confidence which will intern create a better being.

Apart from training and fitness we provide self development ( counseling and mentoring).
We assist in portfolio building and ensuring that our models become experienced enough to step out on their own in the industry.
At the end of our contractual agreement the aspiring model would have a clear idea on the type of modeling they'd be executing and a firm consciousness on themselves along with a strong foundation to build on in their future.
Our motto : " Size doesn't matter nor does the color of your skin" by April Ruffin