Here (BELOW!!!) are the galleries with images from the show. I hope you enjoy them!

All of the images I am planning to load for this show are now up! If there is one of you that is missing please contact me via this web site - I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the images and be moved by some of them! I am and thank the producers of the show for granting me the access that they do!

Downloads are available at No Charge through a simple download for a limited time (until 6/1/13) then they are for sale. Here is how to download your favorite! How to Download.

Please follow the instructions to download, if you post the image please give me and all others credit on your post through a tag. It is the right thing to do!

Please do not remove my logo - let your friends know the images are here for them to see and share.

Talk to me - I am always looking for models and other photographic opportunities! Here are some ideas for shoots - let me know what is on your mind!
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