This site contains the images shot at the Second Annual Diamonds and Denim Fashion Show on March 24th.

You will need to sign in to see the images - they are in the Designer Images Gallery to the right.

I was shooting images all night at the end of the runway and have been closely involved with the lighting specifications as well as with the organizers of the the show.

PS Management is a very together organization which is really organized, forward thinking, and caring about the community.

They have been great to work with and are very focused on quality for the guests, the models and for guys like me who who want the opportunity to make the best possible images.

I will have a number of special offering for the participants of the show - whether you are a model wanting to see your images or a guest to the show wanting to see a representation of all images - there will be something special here for you.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the view, leave me some feedback and share this site with your friends and associates.,

As always please contact me for opportunities to shoot for you - I primarily shoot Fashion, Beauty and Glamour - creating images to record your beautiful and exciting moments!

Please let me know how I can help, please help me by sharing my images!