You have an appointment with one of the make up artists I work with - Tanie Layne.

Tanie can be contacted on What's App or by phone - let her know if you have any troubles or are concerned about getting there late, getting lost etc.

(473) 417-5515 - is the number for both her phone and What's App.

Tanie works in the Limes at the end of a pretty long road so please give yourself enough time to get there - especially if you are walking.  It is important that you are not late as it may seriously impact the schedules we all keep.  So give yourself enough time please.

The Limes road is accessed across from the Excel Plaza - you'll go down that road past some playing fields on the left and continue until the road ends.  At this point you will turn RIGHT and go a short ways down the road.

Her studio is on the LEFT behind a gate. It looks like this and the door you see is hers.

  Tanie houseTanie house