I received this information from Danny Sharone about his business, his approach and his driving force in his life. I thought you might be interested – I was. He is a wonderful designer – read on to find out some of his views.

This was his last show in the area – Mr. Sharone we wish you well and all the best in things to come – if I can be of service to you please do not hesitate to ask.

“Uniqque Christian is a clothing line with quality, style, swagg and excellence designed to take Christian apparel to another level nationally and internationally. Other than the traditional ways, Film will be a new way of marketing and advertising for Uniqque Christian. The line is catered to men’s clothing, although the women, youth and pet clothing will be coming in the near future. UCC is summed up in three words, Evangelic Fashionable Expression. Uniqque Christian evangelizes through fashion expressing your faith and having an exceptional presentation of fashion at the same time. Changing the style of Christian apparel is only a small part of the plan. The vision of Uniqque Christian is worldwide. To be compared to great fashion powerhouses like Sean John and Ralph Lauren Polo but to also exceed far beyond the fashion category in design. God’s salvation is free to everyone so Uniqque Christian will be open to everyone as well. Uniqque Christian is and will be the new era of Christian apparel.

I am a man with a plan, a vision, no limits and a purpose. I have a great understanding of my purpose and destiny. I also have an understanding of how to reach and achieve my purpose and destiny. In the development of my relationship with Christ, I will continue to use my gifts and talents to spread the gospel of Christ, which is through fashion evangelism. I don’t consider myself just a fashion designer. I’m a designer. Design is so much broader than just fashion but I do love fashion design. The thought of your creativity and thoughts being worn on someone else’s back so they can feel good and look presentable is amazing to me.”
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