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Sylvia Treasure from Dainty Treasures and I worked out a plan for this shoot that I think came out very well. I hope you like it.

Using a remarkably talented new comer to modeling - this was Kierra's first real attempt; we borrowed some warehouse space and also shot outside against a brick building. The shoot occurred one day in the late afternoon on an super hot day - no AC in or out.

Kierra came well prepared after studying some materials provided to her with a great attitude and a willingness to do what it takes. She did - we had her climbing on metal boxes, hanging from walls with broken glass and trying to keep her lovely hair in place while a wind was whistling down an alleyway! I am looking forward to working with her again - and soon.

The MUA was Monique Percente - Monique is a wonderfully talented artist who travels widely for her business. I was lucky to have her work on this - she did an amazing job on Kierra's eyes and was with us the entire time. With the heat the makeup needed regularly retouches as sweat and other things like flying debris messed it up.

Monique and Sylvia have a partnership of sorts where they will be working together - designing, styling and leveraging each others' talents at Dainty Treasures.

Dainty Treasures is Sylvia's clothing store - home of a number of fashions for everyday and special occasions. From the items I have seen Dainty Treasures has a selection of interesting and some unusual fabrics and designs - check it out. I have put my vote in for a couple of line of high quality American-made women's lingerie - how about a non-scientific vote on this? Send Sylvia a note!

Accessories were provided by Kim Couture Jewels Graham - lovely and valuable pieces. Her FB link is provided. Again lovely pieces that complimented the wardrobe well - my first time with Kim as well.

I am always looking for new models and designers to work with - please contact me if interested in collaboration to make Beautiful and Exciting Images.

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