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These are unedited images made before, during and after the wedding by Mark Van der Voort and Michael Straley.

If you want to talk about the images please use their filenames when discussing them with us - their order (the sequence ) may change from time to time but their name will not.

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The images on this site may need a bit of adjustment for brightness and color - especially if they are to be printed in sizes larger than 8x10.

Let Michael know which ones you need help with if you have concerns please.

Thank you - it was a lot of fun and really great to be there, to be a small part of things, and to see everyone.

If you hate an image and if it is of you then call Michael and I wil do something about it, if you hate an image and it is of someone else let me or them know.
Em and Beck Fri Party-9Em and Beck Fri Party-10Em and Beck Fri Party-11Em and Beck Fri Party-12Em and Beck Fri Party-13Em and Beck Fri Party-14Em and Beck Fri Party-20Em and Beck Fri Party-21Em and Beck Fri Party-22Em and Beck Fri Party-25Em and Beck Fri Party-27Em and Beck Fri Party-28Em and Beck Fri Party-36Em and Beck Fri Party-40Em and Beck Fri Party-43Em and Beck Music Rehearsal-11Em and Beck Music Rehearsal-23Em and Beck Music Rehearsal-24Em and Beck Music Rehearsal-26Em and Beck Music Rehearsal-28