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I had a good time shooting some of the lids worn at the party - very spiffy aren't they?

I am interested in doing a project around fancy hats - if you believe you can help me put together a shoot with a number of people wearing fancy hats I would appreciate your getting in contact!

My initial thoughts are a church organization that would like to have some fun one week after the service - everyone could wear their fanciest hat and I would come and make images, maybe make a donation to church fund, provide individuals with prints a couple of weeks later.

Or how about a party where all the guests come in their fanciest hat? Something like that.

If this sounds like fun or if you have another idea would you please get back to me? You can contact me above.

Images on this site are downloadable at No Charge for FB sized images.

I hope you enjoy them - we have been getting a large number of hits - so also it would be great to get an email or FB from you with your feedback - didn't the party come out well, weren't the models and the wardrobe just great?
My FB is Michael Straley. Email select contact me above.
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