Please answer these questions for us


  • Are you a serious, focused and dynamic Fashion Designer looking for that big opportunity to be seen and experienced? 

  • Do you live, work, and create your designs in Northern Florida or Southern Georgia?  And/or can you get there with your designs – to Jacksonville Florida to be exact.

  • Are you able to invest in yourself with a high probability of being featured in a high-powered NY Fashion Magazine with a large number of readers both print and electronic?

So no promises of course – we may be able to HELP if your answer to the three questions above is a resounding “YES”.


Bottom line -

  • If we work with you our work has to be done right, elegantly, powerfully, and with great skill. 
  • Your designs need to absolutely appeal to an upscale, fashion-conscious NYC crowd – and you would need to be able to take orders and fulfill them. 
  • Your designs need to be wearable and usable – no fluff.



What we are proposing is as follows -


  1. You will design a collection for our model Angelica Scurry.  All items will be fitted properly to her and you will retain complete ownership of them.
  2. There should be at least 8 items in your collection but we will be willing to shoot up to 20 items if you’d like.  The materials, tailoring, and assembly must be 100% quality.
  3. The photography work will occur someplace in the Jacksonville Florida area or someplace within driving distance from there – probably over a 2 day period and you are required to be there for both days.  We will figure out with you where we will do it – a studio, outside, inside a public building, a public location, etc.  That decision will be based on your designs and what we need to do to position them in the best and most attractive way.
  4. I will shoot and produce the work and offer it to the NY Fashion Magazine i-Fashion Magazine where I am one of their contributing photographers.
  5. I believe we have a high likelihood of getting your collection featured in this magazine – assuming we all do all of our work well.  I have been published 4 times in 2017 already and some of the months have had multiple submissions – we get great feedback from them. Angelica has already been featured in the magazine in the past year.
  6. Your costs for this opportunity are only to pay my expenses to travel to Jacksonville from Grenada and for a hotel and transport/food while I am there working for you.  The estimate for this is $1000 – $2500 US and is dependent on when you want to do this work. The large swing in costs is due to airfare cost variations during different parts of the year.  If you chose a location with high shooting fees that may add significantly to the cost as well but may be worth it.  We’d like to keep this project on the lower side of the estimate if it all works out.
  7. You will be able to make use of the images following our publication – so the images will be available for your website, your blog, your publicity etc.  I will own them but you will be able to make commercial use of them.  You will receive this license in writing from me.
  8. I may submit to other magazines depending on the feedback from i-Fashion - they'll let me know within 2 weeks if they want to use them or not.


How does this all sound to you?

The rest really is up to you.  So no messing around, no hesitation.


If you can handle the action – really handle it both professionally and financially contact us. 

If you have questions contact us. 

If you are completely ready to make this happen let us know – we’ll want to get to know you and your product.  We’ll want to see some past work from you and understand if you can do more work now for this opportunity. 

BTW just to be clear - we are so not looking for tee shirts or denim – unless you have some fancy twist to add.  You must do the designs yourself - we are not looking for boutiques or similar engagements for this opportunity.


Some questions you might have

Do you want to supply your own model – OK but our cost proposition will change – a lot.  Contact us if you are serious about it.

Do you want us to travel to your location – sure just let us know your idea.

What else do we have to say to you about this? 


It seems obvious to us this is a winner for the right Designer– how about to you?