Hi and welcome - I have received authorization to open up the site pages to a number of the designers images made at First Coast Fashion Week. Please note: Not all have been opened up yet.

I am sorry it has taken so long - the FCFW Management has had a super huge job to do in releasing each of the images made by the photograpgers , labeling the models individually etc. It just takes time - a lot of it!

I guess it may obvious that if the designer selection you have made asked you for a password I probably have not been authorized to open up that specific designer - yet. I will continue to follow up with FCFW Management and as soon as they authorize it I will open up and announce the remaining ones.

Please contact me immediately if you believe a site that is still locked should be open and I'll follow up with them.

If you were a model or a designer at the show - I really appreciate the work and skill you exhibited - would you please feel free to link to this site or to your specific images? Would you please talk about them on FB?

I think the wardrobe, the colors, the flow and drape of many of the fabrics, the body positioning in the images here are fantastic and I hope you will agree!

Please help me to get the word out to people.

If you are a designer and would like your contact information added, an images removed or whatever I hope you will contact me and let me know. If I can help you with a future project please contact me - I primarily shoot Fashion, Beauty and Glamour.

If you are a show participant or a model and need some photography work done please let me know as well. Feel free to browse around the site - much of it is open to the public - so go crazy and spend some time. If you are interested in possibly doing some work there is a section on projects or ideas I have that need volunteers - you may want to check that out - go to the home page and review the last selection.

If you would like, the images made and released to this site may be downloaded or printed. If you chose to download them they are available at NO CHARGE - would you please spread the word on this for me? Please do not edit them or remove my logo. Please tag me on FB - play nice.

Downloads are are made by selecting one or more images and then "BUYing " them. I charge $0.00 for social media sized image downloads - we are simply tricking the system here.

I promise - no catches.

If you want higher resolution or print copies there will be a charge but not too much. In any event "BUY" the images - you will need to click several times to do this and then you will receive an email with them in it! If you get confused there is a help file at the top of each page (look up).

I am always loving comments - please send them to me via this site or via FB. My FB name is MICHAEL STRALEY.

Have a great day.

If you'd like to contact me there is complete info on this site to do so via phone, email etc (again look up).

Michael Straley