The Giant Bubble Concept


A friend of mine did a shoot with a model in a giant bubble – the kind of bubble (sort of) that you blow into the air.  They are heavy duty bubbles that last for a long time.

He used a special mixture of ingredients – which I have.  A dark room with studio lights lighting the bubble and the model - he took images as the bubble was pulled over her head and at the very moment the bubble was bursting!

Very cool, very fun and something I want to try.


I can't show you the images of his shoot directly as they are copywrighted - however here is a video of his shoot – the images that came from it were colorful and amazing -


So I have gotten the bubble ingredients, the pool, the stand for the model and the hoola hoop and string.  Now I just need a model who wants to try it and some assistants! 


Would you want to try it? or call me 860 487-1081

18 and older only please!