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This is some info about the Show Producer, the Competition, and the Club itself.

A little about the show producer:
My name is Nichole (aka Nakita Kash). I have been pole dancing since 1994, toured the country performing in gentlemen's clubs, and competed as a feature entertainer for over a decade. I modeled in the adult industry for about 12 years and In 2008 (the year I launched Pole Champ Inc), I was showcased on WE channel and was the first pole dancer to make it to the Vegas finals on NBC's America's Got Talent (more credits on In 2010 after finding out I was pregnant and needed to plan my performance and teaching leave, I wondered what I would do with myself. I had built such a great name and had so many connections in the industry that I couldn't see myself falling away from it I started Miss Pole Champ USA. It was honestly just something to do while I was pregnant and it went soooooo well that it has taken off and will continue to be a growing force in the strip club industry!

A little about the X-Pole Presents Miss Pole Champ competitions:
Any female competitor above the age of 18 who is willing to have her pictures taken can pay to enter any level of our competitions. We have been doing local competitions all summer from May-August. The top 3 winners get their place held and free entry into the state competition. The state competitions will be held from September-December and the top two winners get their place held and free entry into the regional competitions held January/February 2013. The winner of each regional competition will get her place held and free entry into the national competition. There isn't any performance criteria other than time allowance on stage. Each level of competition is scored differently. At the local level they are allowed 3-4 minutes and scored on pole tricks only. At the state level they are allowed 5-6 minutes and are scored on pole tricks and appearance. At the regional level they are allowed 7-8 minutes and are scored on pole tricks, appearance and overall performance. At the national level they are scored also on all 3 categories but must prepare 2 performances~ 1 performance of 9-10 minutes and the top 5 places will perform again on the last of 3 evenings a 11-12 minute show. They are not required to perform any certain amount of tricks or remove clothing.

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