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Further info for you :

This is a sample of the Grenada property that I own. You can reach me at [email protected] or (473) 536-8638 for further information.

I also have a wide and deep variety of information on the property, the government and their practices, and the island in general.

I have a realtor and attorney in Grenada who are available to help conclude the sales transaction.

We have done the following:

Cut rough roads

Done soil test to measure the density and stability

Have a court certified clear title

Own it outright

Have a full topographical survey

Have cleared brush and other elements off of the beach and some other areas

Have controlled and contained the water flows to the sea off of the property that was causing water clarity issues and erosion of the beaches

Have put in a heavy duty culvert/bridge to allow us to drive to the beach across the water drains

The property is 50+ acres

I have owned it since beginning in 1996 and purchased it in pieces - bought a total of 8 pieces over the years

Property taxes are paid for all years

There are two ridges which are approximately 120 foot above sea level

There is a beach between the ridges that is enclosed by my property - no one owns beaches in Grenada but we own all of the lands that touch it. It is approximately 450 foot long

It is all virgin land - never has had structures on it of any kind

The government is very friendly towards this property - when I was considering developing a resort they went out of their way to work with us - the area it is in (Content of St David's parish) is very poor - they need employment for the people