Our Guarantee


We think it is really important to guarantee our work! 

So bottom line - if we both jointly agree in advance to a statement of work and you do what is asked of you - on-time, on-quality and on-speed - then if you are not satisfied that the final product meets the deliverables we have identified; StraleyPhotography will refund your money - or redo the work at our option. Yes we'll ask questions to make sure we understand - but once we understand the specifics of your complaint from your perspective we will do the right thing.  We will expect you to clearly list the issues  in writing that you are dissatisfied with - and maybe that will hurt our feelings a bit but that's our problem not yours - and you can always be nice about how you address them so we probably will not cry (just kidding).

There is an exception - we cannot be responsible for guaranteeing results impacted by factors out of our control - examples might be: rain, loss of power, your wardrobe not arriving in the mail that you ordered, you arriving late or unprepared, a change in location by you, road closures, lighting provided by you, models provided by you,  etc.  In these cases we will make every attempt to work around or remedy the issues that created the complaint but will not be responsible for it.  

This approach seems fair to me at any rate.

In order to make this guarantee work - clients who make the effort to work with us to make certain we both agree on the final product deliverables and responsibilities will review and agree to a statement of work that will define what we'll be responsible for and what they'll be responsible to do. Working together and both parties doing what is necessary to gain success will help to ensure that satisfaction is consistently delivered.  Note - If we do not have a specific statement of work with you then we will use our standard program description for the shoot type if it should exist.  If this is not possible then we will withdraw the guarantee.

You will be required to remove and discontinue use of any images that have been delivered to you up to that point from the session.  If you have worked multiple sessions with us then you must return only images created in the session you are dissatisfied with and may continue to use the rest of them.