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                 This is How to Get in touch with me Right Now!

                 Email - [email protected]

                 Phone - (904) 567-5237 in the US

                             (473) 536-8638 in Grenada - yes I talk on the phone willingly this is also my What's App number

I am a serious Fashion, Beauty and Glamour photographer with a home in Grenada.  I am there most of the year and travel in the US, Canada and Europe the rest of the time.  While in Grenada I shoot almost daily with models, carnival bands and in selected events.

StraleyPhotography focuses on making images of people, the events they participate in, and the passions they feel about life.  We provide a safe working environment and super high quality images to our clients - whether we are working in our studio, at your location or at an event you are associated with.  We are dependable, honest, and straight forward.  You can count on us to be there for you!

The images we create are known for their brilliant color, their sharpness and focus, and their outstanding overall beauty.  We listen to you, plan and work with you for success – we define success: - an experience that exceeds your expectations and requirements.  

I shoot people - I specialize and focus primarily on individuals, couples and small groups - shooting fashion, portraits, romance, beauty, and glamour.  My three areas of focus are: portraits, events, and corporate assignments. I think there is beauty in everything - but what turns me on in photography is people and reaching the goal of capturing their expressions, body language, and attitude.

So - if you have ideas - I am happy to hear and work with them, spend some time and make them happen - if no one has gotten it right before - I'll work with you until we're both satisfied! The more you can help define what you are looking to do - the better I am able to meet your expectations - at the end of the day this is about you - not about me!

You should look to me to work hard with you to make outstanding images for model portfolios, events, romantic moments and your personal projects. Please feel free to contact me directly for inquiries about collaboration or special projects. Your ideas and suggestions for projects can be very exciting and interesting to me.

I will travel to you and will bring studio quality lighting with me – I have made certain to be able to easily transport a complete set of all of the lighting, backdrops, and everything else needed by a professional photographer and can bring it to you and your space on demand. My mobile studio duplicates the critical equipment in the studio!

If you have a dream or a thought about doing a shoot involving people let me know - let me help you achieve your dream!

I promise – I am different – I will collaborate with you – this is about you! No ego here. If you are a regular person or couple wanting to have fun exploring the creation of images in a safe and warm professional space, if you are a model just getting started with the work, if you have an interesting hobby or profession like participants in the body building contest on my site, or if you are an experienced model wanting to explore an idea - I am your guy! I can help! I will value and listen to ideas and in a skillful and thoughtful manner will work with you to make the best possible images!

Models and Designers - I love to shoot clothes, silks, lace, feathers, lingerie, body paints, tapes, oils and makeup - in colors of all kinds - whatever is not boring!

So contact me ASAP to set up a shoot! If you know someone who needs headshots, cool shots, whatever - please pass on my contact info - if you appreciate the quality of work and my "style" as it were, please help me find great people to work with.

You deserve what you get – demand the best quality and the highest levels of commitment – you will get that from StraleyPhotography.

I have developed and provide a great deal of documentation on the site covering a variety of subjects such as: what to expect, how to prepare and how to get there. It is designed to help people look and feel their best, to anticipate what is next and to add value. Check it out, think about it, use it to make your shoot with me the best it can be!

More on me and my growth in photography

I shoot Nikon equipment - D4S, D850, and Pro Nikon 1.4 and 2.8 Lens. I am strong in LR and Photoshop but not dependent on them. I have studio space, light modifiers, backdrops, and studio lighting available and use them if needed. I use Paul Buff Einstein lighting and Nikon speedlights.

Please note - I do not provide raw images directly out of the camera – all images are color corrected, many have other work done as well. I have excellent retouching services and can have your favorite image printed on metal or hand-colored onto a canvas.

My professional rates and charges are reasonable, clear and in writing.

Contact me with questions, ideas and to say hi.  My What's App is 473 536 8638  - I am also on FaceBook under Michael Stephen Straley - I regularly post images up there and on IG for general review and comment.

Check me out!