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Image and Designer Information
All images are of designs made and produced by Grenadian Designer Siemone Lorainey. The images feature Grenada’s lush foliage, a wonderful building called “The Tower” and Grenadian models.

Siemone Lorainey - The House of Bespoke - [email protected]

At an early age Siemone gained an appreciation for beautiful fabrics as her mother worked for an Italian textile company based in London. She attended local college in London and the London College of Fashion.
The aim of the House of Bespoke is to give a unique experience to every client with a wonderful atmosphere, outstanding fabrics, and detailed unique elements incorporated in each piece.
All of Siemone’s designs are produced in La-Borie St. George’s.

This Collection
“The Tower” is a beautiful location close to where Siemone lives and works. She wanted to do justice to the location, the architectural styles of the building and to herself as a designer. This collection speaks creatively about Siemone as a designer and represents her aesthetics. Simple, clean style lines, a perfect fit, and the best materials come together to create each piece.
The collection was designed expressly for this i-Fashion Magazine submission. It is created primarily from raw silk with one piece in blue/green foamed neoprene. The color palette was dictated by the buildings and the fabrics are a reflection of the richness of the interiors. The colors of the collection speak of an old world in modern times.

The Tower was built in 1917 and is one of the few old stone houses built of volcanic rock in the Caribbean. The house sits on a scenic eleven acre property of spice and fruit trees with surrounding mature gardens that attract horticultural groups throughout the year.
Today The Tower is used as a family home and is open for tours, afternoon teas, events, and other purposes such as this photoshoot.
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