Our Casting Call for Models


I am a Fashion and Beauty/Glamour photographer here in Grenada with numerous publications - check out some of them please 

Please review my entire website thoroughly www.StraleyPhotography.com as well as my IG account - StraleyPhotography before replying. 

NOTE:  to complete the application for this program (after reading the info below) you can click here or at the bottom of the page - also in RED.

To support my work for 2020, I need to either find or develop 2 - 3 models in the Caribbean - preferably in Grenada, where I am based.  To work with me on this series of projects each model must have the mental and physical capabilities necessary to being successful on the international stage.  Although I could use people immediately for this project I will wait for the "right" person if necessary.  I am willing to work with either very experienced people or will train and develop the right person. 


Payment for your time and expertise will depend on your proven international experience in print and runway modeling as well as your social media following - so publications, shows, a serious following on IG and other platforms will be reviewed.  If you have international or local experience you should have tearsheets from reputable magazine, advertisements, etc. that you can show to me.  


If you do not have the experience I require, I am willing to help you develop it if you are serious and committed, but I would prefer experienced people.  Please note I will only accept people who have the physical characteristics and mental determination and discipline that would enable them to be successful.


What I am looking for - physical and personality characteristics:

  • 5'9" or taller
  • Body weight in-line with height of a thin person
  • Clear complexion of face, skin, and color tone of body - I do not care about the color - light or dark - just that it is reasonably the same color without a lot of skin tone deviation
  • Freckles are OK
  • Well-tended brows and little hair on sideburns, upper lip, shaven legs etc.
  • No major scars or deformities
  • No major/large tattoos
  • Strong and powerful eyes 
  • Great posture, graceful bending and movements
  • Physically fit from gym or other work, dancer would be great but is not required
  • Hair TBD - but must look good without relying solely on a wig 
  • Fantastic and positive attitude toward work and life
  • Clear spoken and clear written capabilities in English, French or Spanish
  • On time and capable of planning for your own success
  • Easy to work with
  • Creative and able to come up with your own ideas for various projects
  • In touch with the fashion scene in the world - if you are not reading the articles I post on FB - tell me what you do read and study


   To Apply: (click on the red link below - the application is lengthy and might be easier to complete on a laptop vs a phone).  Make sure you take enough time to provide honest, complete and thoughtful answers.  This IS part of the process.

   Complete This Application -

     I should be getting back to you with a call, whats app, or email within 2 - 3 days

     Thank you very much - it this does not apply to you please feel free to send it off to someone who it does apply or to contact me regarding your own project or idea.  I am always open to this.  Thank you in advance.

       Michael Straley

      (473) 536-8638 - phone or What's App

      (904) 567-5237 - skype

      [email protected] - email