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Janelle is a wonderful, exciting and hard working woman. She has a great sense of humor and a tremendous smile - a true pleasure to work with.

What you do not see from these images is her climbing up in the trees in high heels, her hanging from the trees with one hand - all the while with this great smile on her face and a williness to try to follow directions that makes the difference.

The only time the smile left her face was when the bugs started flying around and landing on her - she doesn't like that - who would - got some shots of that too!

I would work with her any time?

We were up on Talbot Island - the Black Rock Trail - if you decide to go there to see the driftwood or to shoot - check the tide chart - the tide comes in very quickly there - your stuff can get wet if you're not careful!

If you like the images and would like to shoot with me please let me know - if you're a friend of Janelle's ask her about it - see what she thinks!

Thanks Janelle