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Jasmine Brown Down by the Riverside!

I have decided to do some shooting down on the St John's River and have made all of the necessary arrangements with the City as far as permissions go to use lights and stands etc. They are pretty great to work with and Todd was very helpful to me as I was pretty confused!

The space has a lot going for it and has some nice views across the river towards Jacksonville Landing and into the sunset up the river. We were shooting right by the bridge. Great textures, steps and other features too.

There is a lot of construction going on as Friendship Fountain is being totally redone - with a grand opening on June 8th. Parking is easy at the back of the MOSH lot with a short walk to the river from there.

The model is Jasmine Brown - she is really great to work with, very flexible, willing, and on the ball. She brings really nice clothes with her - check out the blue dress - custom made designer stuff - and I love the black ruffled one - the shoulder staps in particular get to me for some reason!