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This is a wonderful event held annually in Jacksonville. I was fortunate enough to be able to set up a shooting booth with a fellow photographer and made some pretty cool images of these people - all persons shown here were competitors in this event - several were winners, some were beginners - all were fantastic to work with and lots of fun!

What outstanding physical condition they are in!!!!!

I am hoping to be able to do similar work at JAX Physique 2011 and beyond and also want to put out there that I am willing to go to other similar events - if invited to.

Please let me know if you become aware of any events of this type that might benefit from a photographer and individual sessions for the participants - thanks in advance for this.

Just one note - the colors in these images are pretty right on the money - the models' skin really was that color- all competitors apply a tanning agent to stain their skin which makes them look great when they pose under the terrible stage light - it has a distinctive orange cast and is very saturated - my equipment is all color controlled - just wanted you all to know.
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