The Jewish Community Alliance Fund Raiser was a wonderful success.

This photo gallery holds over 500 images taken during the event - the images are yours to download - compliments of the JCA! You may also purchase prints from this site.

You are welcome to just scroll through the images - in the upper right hand corner of the screen you may also select a slide show view if you would like to! You can speed it up with the left and right arrows on your computer. The images are in time order.

To download an image (or multiple images) or to make prints simply follow this process:

1. Select the image - this will put the selection in a shopping cart.
2. Go to "BUY" - please don't worry the downloads are at a cost of $0.00 for normal-sized medium-resolution images.
3. If you will be purchasing a print you will be asked to chose the print size, the paper, cropping, and other features. It is pretty intuitive to do.
4. "Checkout" - again if it is an image "as is" there is no cost - the image is licensed to you for your personal use. If it is a print, the total costs for all prints will be shown and you can select payment options.

Prints will be sent to you in the mail - these are extremely high quality prints - much like the quality of good wedding prints - but without the retouching that wedding prints are often given. These are therefore MUCH different than you can get at the local pharmacy in town.

If you want to purchase a large print I suggest that you contact me to make certain that the resolution and cropping are proper for what you are looking for. I am happy to help.

If you would like retouching done on a print BEFORE you purchase it - contact Michael Straley - or use the Contact Us button (above) and let me know what you need done - please make certain to specify the image number at the end of the file name. I will provide a quotation for you to approve and will then process the retouch to your specifications, order the print(s) and have it sent directly to you.

You are also welcome to contact me (Michael Straley) with questions or comments - or general ideas about photography, events, whatever - I shoot a number of different types of images - perhaps you would like to browse around - so please feel free to explore the site. A good place to start this is the "HOME" key in the upper left corner of this page.

I really enjoyed being a part of the JCA “Dinners and After Party” I hope I am invited back again to work another event! Enjoy the images!

Thank you to everyone who was so gracious to the photographer! Thank you also to the people up on the stage and those serving the crowd - great!

Here is some general information about StraleyPhotography if you are interested.
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