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Images shot with Justina in the Jacksonville Arboretum. Nice job on the look and the pose Justina.

I am always looking to shot with new models in addition to my favorites like Justina is - she is so great to work with - how about you?

Be prepared, be on time, be on for energy, power, intimacy, and sensuality - be beautiful. I shoot beauty - I see beauty in everything - sometimes all it needs is a little coaxing to be seen by everyone else - thanks for letting me share a beautiful woman with you - she just is radiant!

Shooting assistance provided by Brandy and Lea - thank you for the help. It was a better day with you there.
_MS41618-EditJustina Murray 2012 06 28 - 275-EditJustina Murray 2012 06 28 - 179-EditJustina Murray 2012 06 28 - 78-Edit