These are images made at Kara Bazma in June of 2011.

Kara Bazma presented its 2nd Fashion Walk Monthly Fashion Show during Art Walk, June 1st, 2011.

Designers featured: Jus Cabral (Chelsea), Le'Bonne' (Leathia), B.Classique (Brandon), Yvette Evan (Yvette)

Every first Wednesday of the month, Kara Bazma presents a free fashion show that starts at 7:30 that showcases all the designs that were created the month before.

Kara Bazma makes custom made dresses with a high tech twist. KB has a proprietary system where a dress pattern can be resized to a woman's exact measurements and then the pattern is cut out with a high tech approach.

Each dress is made in the Jacksonville Landing factory location. Proudly made in Jacksonville, FL, USA.
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