Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.
Fun time tonight - hope everyone had a great time. That Mario is seriously good looking - am I right?

So here is the deal with the images - you can look at them, you can share them on Facebook, you can download them - all at no cost to you - OK?

What you do is click on the one you want to select it then look in the upper right of the page for either the FB Share button - obvious what to do with this - or the BUY button. Social media sized images are charged to you at $0.00 - I promise if you buy one - or all - it will total $0.00. Just go though the process as you would with any shopping cart. It should come up in the downloads box - if it doesn't select downloads on the left side.

If you print them from my site you will be charged money. The printer I use is a serious high quality printer - the kind you would use for wedding images and the like. There are a lot of different sizes and even stuff like coffee cups and aprons if you get carried away with things.

If you get confused there are help files in the menu bar up top - just select the kind of help you need from the drop down list.

Thank you for being so patient tonight - please consider browsing around my site - if you like my style - bright, colorful, sharp, and beautiful (I shoot beauty, fashion and glamour mostly) how about giving me a call about doing a shoot together?

It will be fun, safe and you will get great images - I promise - it will be fun - always is. I shoot people of all ages, shapes and complexions, heights and nationalities. You do not have to be a model and yes I also do professional portraits for business people too!

Thanks - let me know if you need help with anything on the site