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Some recent work from a shoot we (Lady Rosetta Fire ) and I did at Bubblewrap studios.

The people at Bubblewrap are great to work with and certainly LadyR's wardrobe is unique. She does a great job with her body positions and especially her hands! A lot of practice in front of a mirror I would guess - I wish more people would work as hard as she does.

We shot against a green screen whci I have mixed feelings about - but it was a good experience and I will do it again. The somewhat crazy backgrounds are my attempt to replace the normal gray or white backgrounds with some stage colors - kind of fun but I need to have more experience in this - or someone who knows how to do this better than I. I am a photographer not a photoshop guy at the end of the day and that's where I'd really like to spend my time.

The vintage satin dress look is at my request - I am very much into Horst (look him up) as a photographer - he has some wonderful work and I am going to learn how to do that - I like the lighting on the material - that was the goal. Horst did a lot of work in Long Island and in Paris - worked for Vogue mostly with celebrities.

There are more to come on this both from me and from Lady R herself! Keep in touch!
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