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It is not too often that I am captivated by someone's eyes - I am a bit embarassed but this is one of them. Lauren is a beautiful woman - great poise, nice look, good posture and those eyes just get to me. She has a wonderful smile as well!

After writing this I looked up the definition of the word in wikipedia to make sure I got it right - here it is "Poise is composure and dignity of manner. It is a graceful and elegant bearing in a person." I should add it's Lauren!

This session was shot down on the St John's River by the bridge and Friendship Fountain - the night was perfect and I am really getting comfortable with that space down there. My great friend Holly was there with me and as usual I learned as much about shooting from watching and being with her as I did from the shoot itself - and I am a learning machine.

Lauren is actively working just about every night it seems - she'd like paying gigs for those of you out there who have the opportunity - I'm sure she would be interested. You can contact her through me if you'd like to.