Lingerie Shoot


This shoot is the third in my series of workshops to assist models in developing their Modeling skills.

The Lingerie Shoot focuses on the Model in revealing clothing and the Model’s ability to look and feel comfortable, sexy and sensual in it. During the course of this shoot the Model will wear and pose in several different sets of lingerie.  She will not be asked to do anything she is not reasonably comfortable with but should be aware that a certain confidence and level of trust will be required in order to do a great job with this shoot.

There are many styles of lingerie to choose from and I have a number of items which may be useful for the Model to borrow for the shoot – it is all cleaned after every use and hopefully in good condition – I do not however guarantee to have lingerie to fit every body type and size – so the model should either come to the studio in advance to pick out what they will wear or make certain to bring their own. 

The cost of this session is 350 xcd and the model received 5 - 8 images.

What to wear

I suggest that lingerie chosen for the shoot should minimize padding and wires to the extent possible – and focus on softly molding the body so it looks great.  We’ll be able to work the poses in most cases to provide the best conditions for your body to look great without support from wires and elastic.  If you have concerns about this let us discuss them before the shoot to come up with our best understanding of what is necessary and desirable.  If you have the choice available choose silk, satin, and lace over cotton, nylon, padding, wires, etc.  Choose colors – especially matching sets but also bring whites and blacks – textured and colorful stocking are great too - even in the hot climate of Grenada if you can.

If this is your first time posing in lingerie please consider looking in advance at poses and the images from other Models whether they are on my website in the boudoir section)  or in magazine or other places.  I have a number of books available too if you want to come early to the session – some are more intimate than others – just a warning.  The cost of this shoot is 350 xcd and you will receive 5 - 8 images.


How are the images displayed

Some of the poses we take may be inappropriate for posts in places like FB, IG or other social media sites, some may be questionable.  I will always make my best efforts NOT to embarrass the model by posing an image that I even slightly believe might cause concern for them – when I am not sure I always notify them first and ask for their feedback. In many cases I ask them to post and comment on it while tagging me to be certain they are OK.  If there is a concern expressed after the post I will immediately remove the images as soon as notified.

I will post the images on my web site once they are edited.  If an image is showing personal body parts or is particularly revealing in some other way it will be posted in a password protected gallery next to the regular images of the model.  The Model will be the only person I provide the password to.  They may allow other people to view or download the images in the password protected gallery by sharing the password – I will never share it however.

You may bring a close friend or lover to the shoot - especially if they will help you relax and get into it.  However this is not intended to be anything other than a photography shoot just to be clear.  If you are interested in couples photography – that is fun but is a different shoot! Talk to me about that.

You should also bring lotions, creams, things that smell or feel good, etc. with you – get yourself in the mood.  There are a number of specific recommendations on preparation for this shoot that you should make sure are discussed with you for best results.

This shoot is one of the following model training shoots:

  1. Basic Fashion Shoot
  2. Blowing in the Wind
  3. Lingerie Shoot

You must be 18 or older to participate in this shoot even if you are not the model.


Some selected "safe" images from previous shoots

Angelica 2013  04 06 - 0318-Edit - competitionAngelica 2013 04 06 - 0318-Edit - competition

Donisha Lewis - 2017 05 09 - 0421-EditDonisha Lewis - 2017 05 09 - 0421-Edit Donisha Lewis - 2017 05 09 - 0511-EditDonisha Lewis - 2017 05 09 - 0511-Edit

Britney Hector - 2017 05 28 - info - 0120-EditBritney Hector - 2017 05 28 - info - 0120-Edit

Ashantie Caesar - 2016 02 14 - 0151Ashantie Caesar - 2016 02 14 - 0151 Ashantie Caesar - 2016 02 14 - 0167-EditAshantie Caesar - 2016 02 14 - 0167-Edit

Patra Dixon - 2016 01 29 - 0476Patra Dixon - 2016 01 29 - 0476 Patra Dixon - 2016 01 29 - 0532Patra Dixon - 2016 01 29 - 0532