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Mary is a really cool person, lots of fun - lots of great looks and expressions! This is her first shoot.

She is interested is showing off her stuff - her moves and expressions - to see if perhaps there is interest in her as a profssional model - let me know if interested and I will put you in touch - she is extremely easy to work with and takes direction well. She has a wide range of expressions and body movements and close to flawless skin - an easy person to do any retouching on.

See her video here

Makeup - Lia Hanson
Wardrobe - Holly Gordon
Mary - wow the glassesMary D - 89-EditMary in fur jacketMary in feathersMary PortraitMary D - 753-EditMary Dt - 802-EditMary D - 975Mary D - 649-EditMary D - 736Mary D - 200-EditMary D - 465-EditMary D - 219-EditMary D - 564-EditMary D - 296-EditMary D - 390-EditMary D - 513Mary D - 407-EditMary D - 504Mary D - 530-Edit