This shoot at my good friend Semone's Salon - Meobachi. The shoot was set up, styled and certainly impacted by her and a wonderful team of people. Semone is a wonderful and lively person - very upbeat and dynamic.

Meobachi was recently reopened after a devastating fire destroyed it and had to be rebuilt completely - it is now lovely and a beautiful place to go to.

Oh yes - Tante Mel is in there as well! She is the sweetest thing in the world - just want to hug her all over. And I did.

Semone picked three women and focused her energy on attracting them to the shoot, styling their hair, clothing and makeup and provided the studio space to shoot in. Both of the younger women were accompanied the entire time by a parent - this was great.

Darnell Harvey (Furncisco Dereon on FB) was our MUA and also did a little posing as well - he is great fun, very good with the brush and skin tones and a natural model in front of the camera - what more can be asked?

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