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When shooting at the Southern Women's Show I came across a presentation on the fashion stage Saturday evening from Sunny Band.

Sunny Band is a woman who makes hair fetishes, facinators, or something like that - I'm not sure what they're really called. I was shooting the the young women who were displaying Sunny's work and every one of the models seem to be having just a wonderful, exciting, and happy time doing so. The expressions on their faces was just delightful to see.

The lighting was wrong, I was in the wrong position, and I was over 80 feet away - so the images are not of the highest quality - quality that I would normally produce if Iad been better prepared. Despite that I am publishing these to the site because of the cuteness of the models expressions, the joy they exhibited, and the lovely and very attractive colors, textures, and shapes that Sunny Band has created.

From the Sunny Band site it seems that they are constantly developing and innovating. I love to see that. Their designs are for weddings, girls' nights out and many other events!

I hope to shoot this material again, sometime soon and on purpose - where I can be higher, where I can have better lighting, and be a lot closer.

That would be great – Sunny Band invite me to do so – please!

I hope everyone who sees these designs will enjoy them.

Here is more information about Sunny Bands – pretty foxy music on their web site too– one of my all-time favorites!

Thank you - Michael