these are small versions of the original files with minimal to no editing. Some may have defects and should be discarded.

Select the images of interest by referring to the last four numbers in the filename - the name begins with Band recording - it ends in four numbers. Click on an image to see its name - the name will show up below the image.

When sending me a list of files to be provided please refer to the files as follows - no other way

0001, 0023, 0230, 0005, etc - four numbers, a comma and then a space.

I can easily select and deliver files if you do this. No files will be provided if it is not done.

These files are not downloadable from this site at this time and are of low resolution - tell me which ones you want to work with .

If there is a question call me 860 487 1081 - please do not guess and waste either of our time. Thanks

Michael Straley
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