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These images are taken of our two bedroom cottage which is now for rent. The cottage is at the bottom of our property on Mt. Hartman road in Lance aux Epines.

It has been recently refurbished - new roof, walls painted, plumbing and bathroom redone, 2 new high quality beds - queen size. It includes furniture such as couches and tables, some bedroom storage. One of the bedrooms is two rooms - a dressing and storage "bonus" room and a bedroom. The other is a larger bedroom. All windows are screened and the bedrooms also have air conditioning. Water and internet is included, electrical is additional.

There has been some construction going on outside which until recently has created noise and dust - that has ended and any rubble will be taken away.

There is a security gate that is covered by a recording video camera.

The property is fenced and access to our house and the cottage is through an electronic gate. We have a dog - a young Irish Setter who must remain behind the gate so we will count on our renter to be careful entering and leaving the property.