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Images were made at the Marriott and are available here at NO Charge.

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You can share them on FB directly from this site by clicking on the image and them the share button in the upper right of the page. To download them you click on the image and "BUY" it - I sell it for $0.00 to trick the system - so do this and then proceed as if you are buying anything else on line. The social media sized ones are the ones that are no charge.

There are help files across the top of the site if you need some extra assistance - if you are still stuck after viewing them please give em a call.

If you want to print them from the site you can select the size, finish etc. The printer I use is very high quality and will not be the same as CVS or similar.

Please remember I shoot Fashion, Beauty and Glamour - if you need a photographer please give me a call and we'll set up some time to work. I do shoot certain types of events.

If you want some ideas for working with me - please see the upper right of my site there are several documents with details and ideas on workign with me - check them out, share them with someone you think might like to work with me - I'd appreciate it. If you have your own ideas - lay them on me!

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