Personal Use Licensing of Images


StraleyPhotography will take a number of images during each event or session.  The exact number cannot be determined or guaranteed in advance as the number taken is determined by the situation itself.  Following the event or session, a number of images with reasonable quality and minimal defects will be selected, edited and posted for review and use.  StraleyPhotography may provide you with one or a combination of several licenses to its images as described below. 


In all cases StraleyPhotography retains ownership of the image and the raw image captured (the digital negative).  StraleyPhotography grants the following Personal Use License for the images to be made under this agreement.


Personal Use License

Personal Use images are the most common images for licensing. Personal Use images are provided in a medium resolution JPG format that are sized to meet Facebook posting requirements.


Personal Use images may be used by you for non-commercial (non-revenue generating) purposes in most cases.  Some examples of this would include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Model Mayhem, email distributions, to print personal use images up to 8x10 or slightly larger and in cases where you do not desire to dramatically crop the images.  They are also provided for your limited portfolio use and for your friends to share assuming they also agree to the restrictions as specified here.


Here is a clear guideline for your use of an image under this license.  You may not make money using or selling or including these images in other media, promotions, or other ways and you may not permit other people to do so under your direction or with your assistance.


In accepting this license agreement you agree that you are personally responsible for the use of images that are licensed to you for Personal Use.



There are certain restrictions on your use of Personal Use Licensed images.  


  • You may not crop or alter these images or allow a person or program or application to do so for you.
  • This includes changing the ratio of height to width, dramatically altering the size or resolution of the image, changing the colors, making them black and white if they are in color, applying treatments to them to dramatically alter their appearance
  • You may not combine an image with another image to make a composite image of two or more images.
  • You may not remove our logo or permit an application to cover or remove our logo.  In the event an application does remove the logo you must immediately delete the image or place a comment directly under the image (the first comment) that says "Photography by Michael Straley of StraleyPhotography".  It must be this exact wording on each image, each time.
  • You may not remove persons or features from the images and may not alter or remove the background.
  • If you share or post an image to FaceBook or similar application you must clearly tag anyone reasonably associated with the shoot or preparation for the shoot.  This includes the MUA, the Stylist, the Designer, Michael Straley and StraleyPhotography.  You must tag these entities on each image individually.
  • If you desire to make any of the listed alterations (or similar ones) you must contact me first before making the change and discuss it with me – in some cases I may do it for you or permit others to do it for you. This decision and the resulting action is mine to make – not yours.  You do not own these images.  Otherwise contact me in every other instance before making an alteration to the conditions governing your use of these images.



I do not provide raw images directly from the camera and in most cases do not provide a CD with all images.  If you need these or similar options our suggestion is that you get our agreement before we do the shoot – it is best to get this in writing.