This section is designed to provide information to people about my personal projects and if they sound good to let you volunteer to support them.

Here is the status and description of my most recent project called Reflections in the Mirror - I can still use a couple of volunteers!

The projects do change from time to time but I will leave the older ones up here from now on so you can see some of my ideas and the work - maybe it's something a friend of yours might be interested in - or maybe you?

I am also interested in hearing from you about your ideas and how you might like me to help you with those. Crazy, sensual, soft and romantic - high energy too - no guns, blood or violence though.

If you have always had a thought for a cool project pitch it to me!

Write me an email [email protected] and describe your project , give me a call at (860) 487-1081, volunteer to help me with one of mine.

I am sure you're brilliant - I need all the help I can get!

PS I am going to be looking for a gallery to display some of this stuff - maybe you know of one?
Mirror Reflections