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RachelS Does Coke!

The word is out on her. Actually she does do coke - coca cola - the real stuff that is.

The old time 50s look and her ability to get the newly released REAL coke in REAL bottles was part of the inspiration for this shoot - she also spoke extensively about the taste of cane sugar vs corn syrup. She very passionate and enthusiastic the entire coke product line - who knows why really. Her dream is to star is a real coca cola commercial or spot - or to perhaps run a government.

RachelS also showed me how to take off the bottle top using the door lock - an amazing depth of knowledge!

I have to admit that what she gave me tasted a whole lot better than the diet coke in the can!

Anyway we had a great shoot, a great time together, and she was really fun to work with - and patient too! We were looking for just the right look in some of these images and kept at it until we got things just right - do you think we did perhaps?

The way she is holding the coke bottle sells it to me and she has a wide range of pretty great expressions!

How do you like her look in the white Sari? Beautiful!

RachelS is off to Europe very soon - to help a country build a new constitution - no kidding - to me she is another Ben Franklin! See now you understand the comment on running the government.

RachelS, I want to see you again, shoot you again, and laugh some more with you again when you get back - please be safe!
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