Commercial StraleyPhotography Pricing Information

I charge for work either at a fixed rate based on the project or by the hour.  I will negotiate large, special, and long term assignments.


Fixed Rates Charges

The project costs include costs for work, transportation and any materials, prints or other expenses.  Each deliverable should be listed separately.  If not specified your assumption should be that they are not included. Changes to the scope of work may change the cost of the project.

All fixed rate projects must be provided as a quotation in writing. If there are significant changes to the project they will not be implemented without an authorized change order.   I must have your specific authorization before changing the scope.

All quotations must be approved before work is begun and a deposit TBD per project must be paid in advance in order to confirm.


Commercial Hourly Rates and Other Costs

Much of the work I do is chargeable on an hourly basis with estimates provided in advance.  The billable on-site time includes all time after I arrive in your local office and includes travel to another location, wait time that is not my fault, equipment setup and normal issues resolution, detailed planning, consulting, project management or editing time.

I record all regular time in ½ hour increments and all phone time in ¼ hour increments.  The hours are totaled and rounded up to the nearest hour.  For instance if the assignment is a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes – you will receive a bill for 3 hours.

My minimum charge is 2 hours at $150 per hour unless we discuss and agree otherwise.

We will jointly estimate time in advance and discuss any significant overages at least verbally.

If I am traveling a significant distance (more than 30 miles or 30 minutes) you will be invoiced for the entire trip time at 50% of the applicable hourly rate plus the government approved mileage rate then in effect.

Other costs - We will estimate and agree on any other necessary large expenses such as: rental of a special vehicle, staging, makeup artist, wardrobe, sets, payment of union moving fees, electrical connection fees, retouching, etc.


Hourly Rate Summary

First two hours (minimum charge)

$150 / hr after arrival

Additional hours

$100 / hr for the same work assignment location

Billing increment other than phone consulting

1/2 hour

Billing increment for phone consulting

1/4 hour

Long distance hourly consulting or planning rate

50% applicable hourly rate

Other material or associated costs

Invoice plus 20%

Note - Total hours for each work assignment are rounded up to the hour


Other Costs and Services

There are a number of other services and options available which may be sometimes necessary – all of which will need detailed discussion. Large and/or sophisticated shoots may require extensive pre-planning, specialists, consultants, and assistants to make the deliverable images in a timely and professional manner.  The following rates and rate ranges are provided as a guide only and will be confirmed for each project.

A management fee is applied to each of the vendors’ invoices as shown below.


Estimated Hourly Rate Summary

Project management / production scheduling

$80 - $100 per hour

Additional hours

$100 / hr for the same work assignment location

Professional Makeup Artist  (including basic materials)

$100 - $200 per hour

Additional prosthetics for MUA

TBD based on requirements

Administrative, grip, lighting, or support personnel

$30 - $75 per hour


$125 - $150 per hour

Other costs and expenses

Invoice plus 20% management fees for above

Travel and Day rates

$800 - $1,000 Including any travel, plus reimbursements for all expenses, rentals of equipment and assistants etc.


StraleyPhotography will selectively offer discounts to its invoices (not its vendors’ charges) based on a number of the following criteria.  All discounts must be requested and identified before the project has been started and must be agreed to by StraleyPhotography in writing.

The criteria for achieving the discounted must be achieved or the proposed discount will not be applied – this means that if you are required to do something for us and do not do it that you will not receive our discount to you.

Volume of work

Length of engagement

Strategic value to StraleyPhotography


Other criteria TBD


All work is to be paid for in full at the time of the shoot.  Large projects or projects with extended timelines or commitments may require progress payments.  Commercial or government projects may be offered 30 day payment cycles. Late fees are billed at 1.5% monthly of the invoice plus any other fees such as previous late charges or no-show charges.

Any changes to these terms must be agreed to by StraleyPhotography in writing.

Pricing Examples and Estimates

These are general estimates provided for your guidance – they are not guarantees of course.

Headshots and Profiles in the Studio

Shooting time in the studio - after makeup is on

30 – 60 minutes

Session charges

$250 minimal charge

Initial image color and culling, addition to private web page

No Additional Charge

Finalization and prep of selected images for final delivery format – electronic, print etc.

$80 / hr

Beauty and Glamour in the Studio or Field

Time -

3 – 4 hours in the field

Session charges 

$350 minimal charge

Additional hourly charges

$100 / hr after the second hour

Initial image color and culling, addition to private web page

No Additional Charge

Finalization and prep of selected images for final delivery format – electronic, print etc.

$80 / hr

Your Home and On-Location Work – Potential Additional Costs


1.5 additional hours in the field, setup and planning that is not included already in the session charges

Additional session charges

$100 per hour – minus 50% of travel time adjustment