A event held on 11/18/2011 at LaVilla Sportsman Club in Jacksonville Florida.

I attended as the photographer for two of the tattoo artists - Buck and Pretti who held the first tattoo extravaganza in a night club - supposedly ever.

We had a lot of fun - I made the images a bit contrasty and saturated, softened female skins and not so much on the guys. They are basically posted in the order taken - Buck is towards the back of the gallery, Tiffany is through out - she is such a ham!

If you were there - thank you for the fun - I felt accepted and was treated as one of the crew even though I didn't have any ink - You folks are all great!

Anyway the images are up for all to see, but get them soon because i do not know how long I will leave them up past the new year - if you want a file or a print for sure order before then! You will download them in FB format - please tag me as the photographer if you post them -

Thanks again.

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