Homework for Models Who Have Taken the Straley Basic Fashion Shoot Session


The Best Athletes in the World Practice Daily – How about YOU?

Do you want to be the Best?  Will you work for it?

Do you want to stand out in a crowd?  There are a lot of people who are not willing to make it happen no matter what!


Practice The 5 Straley Posing Rules in a Mirror – or With a Modeling Friend


Anything you have two of should be at different levels

Hips, breasts, shoulders and hands


Anything that bends should not be completely straight or completely bent

Wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, neck, back, legs


Touch your clothing, neck, face, side - like with a feather

Putting pressure causes wrinkles and distortions in your skin and wardrobe - is that what you want?


Anything relatively close to the camera will be distorted and look larger than what is further away

Hands pointing into the camera, feet, legs, shoulders - alternatively a head tinting backwards (the opposite)


Light colored and large objects attract the viewer's attention first

Your hands are usually light as your face and when palm out with fingers splayed are close to the size of it - try to show the side of your hand and have the fingers closed or slightly open naturally unless you want to emphasize them

White shorts will be seen more that blue ones, white sun glasses more so than dark ones


The viewer wants to see you, experience you, and know what you are feeling

Share yourself - We want to see your eyes - they are the window to your soul. 

You must be able to project emotion in your face, hands and body - practice different emotions


Different clothing requires different posing - work the look and the accessories

Figure out how to emphasize the wardrobe and its strengths - if it is a slinky dress, if it is a gauzy wind-blown one,  If it is hot leather or sexy lingerie. 

These each take a different look and focus when done well


Many People have difficulty with expressions – get great at them, be a model, an actress – tell a story.  The image should tell a complete story to the viewer!

Make a list of 20 expressions and feelings – anger, sadness, shock, etc. 


Practice an expression from your list in a mirror – look at your eyes, your face, your body, your hands – tell the story!   Tell it on purpose! Tell it with your entire being!


When you are feeling good about one expression, show your friend, have them guess what the expression is – if you are embarrassed too bad – do it anyway.  Have them help you fine tune your expression – make it more realistic.


It is better to practice in front of someone who loves you than in front of me – and it’s better to practice in front of me than in front of a paying client or model agency – really!


Once you can consistently do an expression, do another, and then another.


Once your friend can guess your expressions, get another friend involved – if you have a model friend practice together one person at a time – give each other feedback – if you are challenged with an expression make sure they tell you, if they do not believe it is real they need to tell you to do you a favor.  Being nice actually is not supportive.


Use your hands – tell the story, use your face, your body – you need the whole package to work!



​Other Important Things to Do - Do All of These!

You need to work out - It doesn’t matter what your body type is – you need it toned and in GREAT shape – all successful excellent models work out somehow – aerobics, Pilates, yoga – lift some light weights.

Curves without definition is what everyone has - you need to stand out in a crowd.


Take care of your skin, particularly your face and neck – many young women especially have pimples and other blemishes – pay attention to them – even when you have your period. Fight them, minimize them, avoid scarring.


Develop your communication skills – it really is not enough to be a pretty face – you need to communicate in full sentences, with words that are English not slang – if necessary separate your personal social media from your professional social media.

This is a bigger deal than you may know if you are trying to attract people who are not local to you in Grenada. Putting a lousy, out-of-focus image or one of you doing weird stuff on your professional page may tell a story you do not want.  

On your web sites and social media pages limit BTS images and focus on high quality images - of you - not of your kids or friends.

Oh and for those who think it is cute to say they live in NYC, London or wherever instead of where you DO live - you are just making it that much more difficult for people who might be interested in working with you - just so that is clear.


Write thank you letters. Tag your MUA, your Stylist, your Photographer, your Agency.   Every time.  Make comments with actual content on their pages, on your page.


Network with other people – get in shows, meet other models, meet agency people – be nice, be interesting, be professional!

Be pleasant and responsive to work with, answer all inquiries - no drama - we want professional acting models who will keep their appointments, be on time and show up prepared to work.


Get some work – get invited back for a follow-up session


If you are provided with specific information or requirements on how to do something: apply for a casting spot, send a profile of yourself, follow-up etc. make certain you do it that way.  You need to follow those instructions – do not do your own thing. 

Take the time to understand what you are being asked for and do THAT specifically.  It is frustrating to the person who is asking for information if you do not – again it is not enough to be a pretty face – you need to be easy to work with, complete and organized. 

You are one of many models who want the job, the opportunity – you can stand out by being exceptional or by being a pain in the butt – which do you think will be more effective?


Practice with a flowing cloth in the wind – it is difficult to make it look great.  Same with Fans (Japanese hand fans and similar).


Take a dance class - if you don't dance - start - if possible take an expressive dance like ballet or modern - but whatever you do - flow and move.  Allow grace into your life.


Join Model Mayhem and other modeling sites so people can find you.  Answer all of the inquiries politely and quickly.

Prepare several paragraphs of information about you, your enthusiasm, your drive - whatever; in advance so that when someone asks you for it (I will for instance) you can send them something that is powerful and well written - tell a story with it that lets people know how you are special to them as a model.

If you have shot with me and have not sent me this info then you should be aware that your webpage on my site is empty - there could be info on you, how to contact you etc.  Wouldn't that be helpful to someone wanting to work with you and visiting your personal page on my site to be able to get in touch with you?