These are the images from the Ultimate Runway Show hosted on 6/30/2012 - hosted by AMG Uptown Saln - great, wonderful and fun production - I am pleased to have been there and to have been allowed to shoot the runway.

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If you are downloading the images to FB - please tag me, yourself, the MUA, the Stylists and of course the Designers! Great things happened here - on the roof, in the wind - wow!

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I would appreciate being contacted by designers, stores, models, and stylists - if you are looking for a photographer let me know, propose an idea or ask me to help you generate one.

I love the work. Hope it shows.

Please also invite me to shoot other runway or shows - I would appreciate it very much if you would. A friend helped me get this gig - she is featured in these images - can you tell who that is? Thanks to everyone for sure!

AMG Uptown Saln did a great job - nice salon - lots of space, magic was happening there during the day.

Here are just a few names were in the show - if I missed someone please just let me know and I will add them - Javan Reed from Fashion Forward; The Katz Downstairs ; Traci from Meow & Barks; Chabri Fashion, Leon .

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Thanks Michael
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