My Standard Policy When Working with Models

Who Are Signed to an Agency





Of course circumstances may cause variations in this policy – this does not apply if your agency contracts with me directly on your behalf although it make some sense!


If you contact me DIRECTLY for a shoot any reason:

  1. I will include a question on each modeling application or shoot planning document asking if you are with an agency.

  2. If you are presently signed to an agency, I will suggest you let your  agency know

  3. It is up to you to do so and work with them to work any contract issues you may have – I am not planning to negotiate with them in any format under normal conditions – I will  not sign their contract or any disclaimers

  4. I will permit one person from your agency to attend a shoot instead of perhaps a chaperone, but they may not direct the shoot or impose any restrictions, rules, or  whatever on our work together

  5. The agency must be willing to work with me to produce the best result for you – if there is any interference, push-back, or problem with this I will ask them to leave and continue the shoot

  6. Your agency will not have any say in or control over the image use, or any other factors involving the work we are doing together.

  7. I will not pay your agency for any work if we are doing a paid for shoot – I will pay YOU directly and you can do whatever with them – the same thing if you are paying me

  8. I will make a best effort to tag or mention them and you in any magazine publication, social media or web site post I do and would intend to do this in every post – always
    I will not be responsible however if this does not happen after the first few years – mostly because I will probably forget

  9. Your agency must agree to tag me somehow in ANY use of the image by them or their associates/advertisers unless I sign off in writing on this – I am very flexible on this

  10. Your agency may not modify or edit an  image in any way – I will work with them openly if they need changes made to better support you

  11. Any modifications/changes on your part require written acceptance BEFORE we work together


Please note:  You are still 100% responsible for being prepared physically, emotionally, and for being on-time, upbeat and positive – I will not hear it is your agency’s problem