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There are a whole lot of images that are going into this gallery. The will be sorted by the time taken so if somehow you know when you went by my spot you are all set - since you probably do not then have a good look!

These images are from the 26.2 Run with Donna Marathon run on Sunday 02 12 2012 and were taken at the 12 mile mark or about 1/2 of the way on the full marathon circuit.

I have been shooting for the 26.2 organization for about a year now and have really enjoyed myself - this shoot was my favorite so far because it seemed more intimate to me somehow - maybe it is seeing people again and watching their faces as they run towards me. Maybe it is that more people were waving and interacting with me - I am not sure. Whatever it is I like it and hope to continue to see you all at events and to work with Donna and Amanda and the entire crew!

What I am sure of however was it was NOT because it was so warm and comfortable out - I was layered in 3 sets of shirts with a jacket over them - and many of you folks were running in shorts!

Next year we need to insist that they chose a day that will be warm - if we can finish cancer that should be possible!

So enjoy the images - you are welcome to download them from this site - they are provided at no charge - you do have to work a process to get them however and it is a bit clunky - essentially you purchase them and go through the BUY process but I sell them to you at $0.00 so in the end there is no cost - we never collect any money from you.

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Have a great day! Thanks for the smiles! I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and gentle life - all the best.


PS a technical note - if some of the early morning images seem a bit fuzzy/soft in parts - they are. I was shooting at F2.8 because of the light and my camera was having trouble focusing because it was so cold. When you shoot at a wide aperature (like 2.8) everything outside the primary focus point falls off pretty quickly - if you close it down then the runners' movement creates motion blur because the shutter cannot operate fast enough in the light available.

If I missed you running I am sincerely sorry and appologize.
26.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -7226.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -7526.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -7726.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -7826.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -7926.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8026.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8126.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8226.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8326.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8426.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8526.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8626.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8726.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8826.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -8926.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -9026.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -9126.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -9226.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -9326.2 RWDonna - 2012 02 12  -94