Click here for a side show with some of my favorites from the 2012 race. Very Cool!

Please travel down this page to find images from your recent event and from past events!

The 26.2 with Donna Foundation is an organization focused on putting an end to breast cancer. They run a series of races and other events throughout the year in Jacksonville FL including a marathon race through the neighborhood I live in.

Please help me out by posting information about this site on your FB page and sharing or send it to friends in the race - the publicity is for a good cause!

Images on this site may be downloaded at no cost to you for social media sized files (FaceBook sized) or they may be shared directly from the site. If you need help doing this please take advantage of the help files in the dropdowns at the top of the screen (on the right).

If you totally love an image you can also print from this site using a super high quality printer I use for wedding and other work - Mpix - the prints will cost more than at CVS but the quality will be great too. All profits from that go to 26.2 so it is for a great cause.

I'd appreciate any support you can give to me in helping me make great images of you - smiles at the camera guy are always a good place to start - hand waves and eye contact too - as long as you don't trip!

The images should generally be up in each gallery chronologically. Maybe that will help a bit when looking through a thousand or more of them for the one of you.

You can also enjoy a slide show or even have it run on your computer - have a great time - comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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