This party was held at the TPC Sawgrass to celebrate and thank the volunteers who support the 26.2 with Donna Foundation. Without their help the fund raising would not be possible and the incredable results that have been accomplished could not have happened.

As the activities wind down until October of 2011 when planning/work begins for next year's race on 2/12/12, we hope that you enjoy these images - if you would like to, you are welcome to download them for your personal use. Select the one(s) you want and "Buy" them - the system will "Sell" you them to you at no charge. It is easy and they are free for you to use.

You can also order prints of different sizes from this site - they come from a professional print lab - far superior to those from a local CVS type of store. All profits from this will go directly to the 26.2 organization.

I (Michael) am a recent volunteer in the organization and am in awe of the volunteers and the runners and your accomplishments! You folks are just amazing, warm, and welcoming!

Please let me know if you have any problems or concerns.

If there are any images of you that you do not want to be in this gallery or if you think I really messed the color up on one and you want it corrected in some way before you download it - please drop me a note and I will remove or adjust them - send Michael a note.

You are welcome of course to browse through the entire site if you wish to. I am always looking for opportunities to make images - feel free to contact me about your ideas.

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