• Hi.

    These images were taken on February 13, 2011 in Atlantic Beach FL at the 12 mile marker for the Marathon.

    The low resolution versions are sequential and unedited. You can find (perhaps you can) your image by approximating the time you ran by this position and then subtracting 1 hour from the time - so for instance if it say ..... 0945 - the image was taken at 8:45 in the morning - Sorry the camera was set for Daylight savings time. Or maybe you just want to scroll through 1500 of them? Have a good day!

    If you find an image and would like either a higher resolution version or one that is cleaned up - read the directions,
    contact me, and I will do it for you. Most images can be lightened, darkened etc. Do not dispair!

    When completed I will place the image in the
    high resolution gallery for you - usually within several days. No charge!

    Please do give me credit for the image if you post it anywhere. You are welcome to link to this site if it is helpful to you.
Low resolution images for downloadingHigher resolution images per public request