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Hi. These low resolution images were taken in Oceanwalk at the 12 mile marker during the 26.2 with Donna Marathon.

You are welcome to download and use these images as you see fit.

The images were not processed, cropped or sorted - so this means that there may be some that need some work. I obviously have the high res versions of them and would be happy to clean up, lighten, darken - (whatever) on individual images - no charge to you.

Send me a request and specify the sequence number of the image and what you would like done - if it is not obvious provide a bit more detail such as - "I am the woman on the right - please crop it so the other person is not in the image". I will do that for you and store it in the high resolution gallery usually within a couple of days - go to
26.2 with Donna and you will see that gallery with them in it.

Again feel free to download the images for your personal use - if you are putting them up on a site someplace I would appreciate it if you gave credit to in the tagline.

These are not for commercial use without my explicit permission.

If you have other photographic needs please feel free to browse the site - the easiest way is to select
HOME and just poke around. I specialize in Beauty and Glamour but also do straight portraits, commercial work for the web, special projects - whatever. Pretty much I want to take images of people.

If I do not do a particular type of photography, I'll try to forward your request to someone locally who does - I'm happy to do that.
26.2 with Donna - 0001  084526.2 with Donna - 0002  084526.2 with Donna - 0003  084526.2 with Donna - 0004  085526.2 with Donna - 0005  085626.2 with Donna - 0006  085726.2 with Donna - 0007  090426.2 with Donna - 0008  090426.2 with Donna - 0009  090426.2 with Donna - 0010  090526.2 with Donna - 0011  090626.2 with Donna - 0012  090626.2 with Donna - 0013  090826.2 with Donna - 0014  091126.2 with Donna - 0015  091126.2 with Donna - 0016  092226.2 with Donna - 0017  093326.2 with Donna - 0018  093726.2 with Donna - 0019  093726.2 with Donna - 0020  0939