I would estimate that between 100 and 120 hardy souls got out of bed this morning in the dark and made their way down to Mango Place to the headquarters of 26.2 with Donna Marathon. Their arrival at 6:30 AM was in the pouring rain, it was pitch black out, and in spite of this everyone arrived in colorful clothes and with a smile on their face.

Many people came in wearing plastic garbage bags with holes cut in them for the head and arms. There are apparently a number of different sizes and shapes and construction to these garbage bags. I did see one gentleman wearing a pink garbage bag - I think he kind of looked like a newspaper out on the driveway. But pay attention Donna and Amanda - I think I see a marketing opportunity here -I did not see any pink raincoats and only one pink garbage bag - maybe this needs to be added to your repertoire of things to sell !

At any rate, at seven AM magically the rain mostly stopped and the sky started to get a little bit light -sometimes it was even light enough for my camera to focus. So I apologize in advance for the limited number of images and some of the poor quality of them. I wanted to get them up on this site anyway and hope that some of the people that were there enjoy seeing themselves!

As always thanks to everybody participating in supporting the 26.2 run with Donna Marathon.
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