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I was privileged to be able to shoot the Bernard Buie line of clothing. Following is information that was sent to me by Leon the designer

The Bernard Buie brand is an advancing clothing line created to provide all generations of men with a cosmopolitan style of clothing. The Bernard Buie brand also manufactures a wide variety of quality home goods. Our brand has already captured Atlanta’s Underground Fashion Industry with its unique allure, now Bernard Buie is working to take over the Fashion Industry WORLD WIDE!

We can do custom work to meet all ages, Clothing, Interior Designs as well.

We sell our clothing online as well as retail stores in the following cities: Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and St. Thomas.

Our clothes say we are a clean, attractive and modern looked brand. Equally important, Bernard Buie clothing allows one outfit to be fit for several different occasions which eliminates the feeling of intimidation for those who have no time to change in between different public settings. With that goal in mind, Bernard Buie does an excellent job of creating sophisticated looks from simple concepts.

In trying to understand more about the line I asked him “How are you going to take over the world – if that is public info” and he answered:
Laughing out Loud we plan to Flood the World with our clothing then save them with the Buie.

Inspiration & Background
The Bernard Buie brand is driven to leave an indelible mark in the fashion world. Bernard Buie reaches beyond the fashion industry to speak for all the ambitious, motivated and self-determined people in the world. Bernard Buie’s mission is to upgrade current and future generations by equipping them with quality product that always displays refinement. The brand itself is inspired by all those who have gained knowledge about the world and who are willing to share it with other human beings.

For more information check us out:

Youtube page/ Bernard Buie

Twitter/ Bernard Buie

FB/ Bernard Buie Clothing

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