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Dear Visitor,

Please be encouraged to browse through this section and anywhere else on my site that is not password protected.

If you were part of the crew - the wonderful Models, MUA, Stylists, Designers, Production staff participating in Pure Fashion - first I want to thank you for doing a great job and second I want to encourage you to bring me into the fold.

As I hope you can tell, I am a committed photographer - I am willing to contribute and work hard with people who will partner with me for mutual benefit. I have spent years learning how to make images like this - if you like them bright, colorful and shiny - well that is my style - and my goal.

The images here are free for you to download - just "BUY" them at no charge - I promise. You can make high quality prints from the site it you want to - or a a lower cost place such as CVS - the quality there is just not as good.

Please feel free to post on FB and to link to this site - tell your mother and your friends. OK? Friend me on FB - Michael Straley.

Please TAG me if you post an image - I am Michael Straley - Thanks

What I want out of all of this is exposure to people who want to work hard on making images with me - exceptional images for your portfolio or your desk. Contact me - let me know what you like - let me know if you'd like to set up a session. If I contribute to you - will you do the same - will you do it joyously?

Check me out for more info on what is what for me - give me a shout!

I am looking to shoot more fashion - give me a lead - give me an intro to someone putting together a show - I would appreciate it very much. Call me - now while you're excited and thinking about things - 860 487-1081.